Build Your Network.

Assemble Your Crew.

It’s time to modernize how we find trusted crew members.

Crucial connects creatives to crew members anywhere in the world using personal referrals from your trusted network.

A More Personal Solution

Find Trusted Crew Members

Crucial has taken the personal referral system and given it an upgrade. We’ve streamlined the referral process so you can find trusted people, faster.

We believe that

Personal Referrals Matter

Reliable word-of-mouth referrals can be hard to find. Crucial will do the legwork for you and find trusted talent in your own private network. 

Crucial takes away the guesswork involved in finding a crew. Now you can build a reliable network of experienced crew members to help you get the job done right, wherever you are. 

Find your people…

The Network

Crucial is built specifically for photographers and crew members.

The network helps you find the crew you need anywhere in the world using 1st- and 2nd-degree connections.

Coordinate With

Crucial Call Sheets

Once you’ve built your crew, make sure they show up on time and to the correct location with Call Sheets. Create documents, drop in your details, and drag-and-drop your crew. It’s that easy to keep everyone on the same page.

Go Further With Our

Open Call Database

Crew members can upgrade to a professional membership to list your profile in a public crew database.

If producers and photographers aren’t able to find someone within their network, they can search for crew members organized by specific criteria, but without a premium membership, your profile won’t show up. 

Open Calls are anonymous — producers or photographers post what they need and Crucial sends the listing to those crew who meet the criteria. Open Call posters will be notified when there are responses to your listing. Now that’s a simple way to find your perfect crew!


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