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Dolly Lanvin

Wardrobe Stylist

Dolly Pratt / Lanvin

Dolly Pratt is a bicoastal fashion stylist with over 13 years of experience, ranging from design to commercial and celebrity styling. Originally from Colorado, Dolly has had an enduring devotion to fashion, starting to sketch as early as eight years old and holding fashion shows in her backyard. She graduated from the fashion design program at Pratt Institute in New York, a choice she made at the start of high school and worked diligently towards accomplishing.

Beginning her professional career at Quicksilver, Dolly worked as a designer for four years but, realizing her passion for dynamic challenges and cultivating an intimate connection with clients, decided to pivot towards becoming a fashion stylist. She started the difficult transition by doing freelance design projects to sustain interning for experienced stylists and developing a network of connections. Quickly gaining recognition for her upbeat demeanor and seemingly effortless versatility, Dolly made a name for herself as a stylist. She enjoys and thrives in the variation the industry offers, which truly sank in during a pivotal point in her career, her first job with renowned photographer, Erik Almas. “This [was] what I was dreaming about,” she explains, recounting the satisfying chaos of working in the back of a car, hemming pants, traveling around for a Sheraton Hotels campaign. It was a job that made her realize she flourishes in day-to-day work that is “a challenge, never easy, always changing.”

To Dolly, one of the most rewarding parts of her work is “the instant gratification of seeing what you pull and watching it all come together.” Her portfolio boasts distinctive looks in everything from the red carpet to global advertising campaigns. Describing her style as leaning “vintage classic,” Dolly makes an effort to not just repeat trends but to help foster and communicate an original identity. Moving forward, she aspires to open her own studio that could be a space for her community and that would allow artists the freedom to just be artists.

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